Dunlop is committed to quality across all its tyre ranges.

Whatever you drive, Dunlop will give you the wide range of tyres you need for your car, motorcycle, 4x4/SUV, motorsport or classic/vintage car.

2008 Tyre Range Catalogue [.pdf, cca 5.5MB]

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Dunlop produces a wide variety of competition bred tyres suitable for all types of motorsport activity. Each area of motorsport has a choice of tyres designed and constantly updated by dedicated teams of design and production staff, to give the ultimate performance under acceleration, cornering and braking.

Dunlop Motorsport tyres are specially designed and compounded for competition use only. They are not suitable for everyday road use - although a small number are designed for rally use which may include use on public roads under strictly controlled conditions.

No warranty is given on Dunlop Motorsport tyres due to the conditions under which they operate.

Race tyre markings:
Size markings, e.g. 280/675-18, show nominal tread width (mm), overall tyre diameter (mm) and bead diameter (in inches). Dimensions are being taken from an inflated tyre under unloaded conditions. For post historic tyres the markings, e.g. 600/1200-15, are nominally section height (inches), section width (inches) and bead diameter (inches).

2008 Tyre Range Catalogue [.pdf, cca 5.5MB]

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